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Diabetes (Lat: diabetes mellitus Greek: διαβήτης) is a chronic, incurable systemic metabolic disorder characterized by hyperglycemia, i.e. permanently elevated levels of glucose in the blood. It is mainly caused by hereditary factors, and occurs due to decreased secretion or decreased biological effect of the hormone insulin, that is in the combination of these two factors. That deficiency interferes with the exchange of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the body (what is manifested with typical difficulties), and after longer time affects the structure and function of blood vessels, nerves, and other vital organs, and organ systems as well.

Diabetes is now one of the most common endocrine disease, with the prevalence increasing constantly (especially in developed countries of the world). That is a consequence of modern lifestyle and increase of the number of external etiological factors, among which obesity especially stands out. Diabetes is most common in the elderly as a result of general degenerative and sclerotic changes in the body (which include the pancreas too), and in young people it may occur due to genetic disorders or damage to the pancreas in certain infectious diseases. Being aware of the specific needs of patients suffering from diabetes in Pharma Maac, we found a solution in distribution of products of respectable Austrian manufacturer MedTrust and their brand Wellion. In their portfolio there are numerous products that make living with diabetes easier. Thanks to Pharma Maac, the Wellion products are available in our market since 2010.




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